fika i solen stockholm

records would be sold in auction through the city authorities. And he had good support in his assistant, the retired bank librarian Lasse Lundgren, who is a country music specialist but also has an old love for jazz. And so two armchairs de flesta Holmen, linköping in the middle of the floor that invited customers to have a coffee during the visit in the store. Expediten ger mig en beklagande. Its one of the oldest still existing stores for used records in Stockholm.

Kulturcirkeln was the most important record store in town for new and experimental jazz, especially in the late 60's when the american Roy Parker was responsible for the imports of jazz records. Samarbetet med Richard fortsatte. I started with my own shop on Birkagatan in the late 1990s and looked backwards. Now he has kind of a credit and can spend those years at the end instead, if he is lucky. Stefan Dimle: - Saknar Bosse och hans Skivix Marknad. Tele2 Arena 27 november, nitro Circus är ett så kallat actionsportskollektiv, grundat runt Fuel TV och MV, och lett av extremsportsfavoriten Travis Pastrana. Förbättra arbetslöshets- och sjukförsäkringen, inför en rättvisare skatt på kapitalinkomster och sätt upp ett jämlikhetsmål.

We need to have door guards and just drop one customer at a time because it was full in the room. Skivfynd was a small jazz record store at Scheelegatan, opposite the Stockholm City Hall. It was often quite chaos in the shop. He tells that when the old record fiction movie High Fidelity had the Swedish premiere, he gathered 7-8 colleagues to see the film together. Jazz var inte Jannes grej men han visste vad det handlade. Called Gellborn Records it has been there since 1974. Innehavaren var trevlig och hans jazzsortimentet var mycket intressant. The company was run by Georg Broddman together with his son John.