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of their sound. Defcon Zero Corroded The Nevo Sessions Corroded Bestia Borealis Raubtier The Killer Angels Civil War The Search Goes On Kamchatka Revenant Tad Morose Time To Tell Kari Rueslåtten Miskatonic Graffiti Casablanca Aklamerad Kalamitet SOV Shotguns, Trucks Cattle Bourbon Boys Aliens Satan Takes A Holiday. Aarhus based Stoner/Metal/Rock with inspiration found in bands like Red Fang, Mustasch, Kyuss, Clutch, Monster Magnet, Sasquatch and many more. QFT, bärsärkargång, raubtier, the Venomous, nightrage, pansargryning. Bourbon Boys, sunless Days, beseech, the Puritan, nightrage. Thomas: Ellinor my family, Robert Schlyter, Windhand, Casey Yarborough, Jared Reynolds at Lace Pickups, Alex Auxier at Orange amps, Josephine Wahlstedt, Jesper Karlsson, Hasse at Janssons musik, Simon Karlsson at 4 Sound Göteborg, Jonas Tornet Torndal, friends that keep sending me coffee, Najssons baryton telecaster. Monobrow Ottawa, Ontario, the Nacarat evoke an opportunity for life versus the prospect of certain death in a battle between mystic and reality. Raubtier, frost Mot Eld, grimner, road Fever, thundermother. Long Road Made Of Gold, kamchatka, hail To The Chief. Planetary fate lies in the minds of The Nacarat as Monobrow take you on an epic journey of sci-fi metal meets psychedelic stoner in this shocking saga of riff worship.

Mika: Emma, my family, Esa Luoto, Eeka Mäkynen, Esa Valkeajärvi, Martin Rabitz, Toetags Electronics, Alex Auxier at Orange Amps, Alex Avedissian, Pichel Guitars, Strängdjungeln, John McClane, uppsala dubbdäcksförbud all you friends on the road who have let us in your lives. Songs were written and then we approached former Afghan Whigs/Hermano drummer Steve Earle and Bassist Ryan McAllister of Valley of the Sun to form Moonbow and "The End of Time" was recorded. Demonius Tad Morose Souls Highway Beseech Drama Beseech Western Harbour Blue The Sonnets. Thomas: Electric and acoustic guitars, vocals and cowbell. Moonbow Dry Ridge, Kentucky, moonbow started out as a writing project when singer Matt Bischoff approached David McElfresh of Hank 3/Lethal. Esben: Åsa for being a rock, Charlie for keeping me on my toes, Kim Gravander for the coffee soaked audio support, The Picturebooks, Darkside Sewing, Wincent Drumsticks, doppio, all you relentless and supportive fans. The End Is Nigh, apocalypse Orchestra, inverted. The plan was to get together to write some songs for a possible recording project. Rock 'N' Roll Disaster, thundermother, blodshymner, grimner, to The North, kari Rueslåtten, announcing The End, sparzanza. Liv Sin, follow Me, liv Sin, my Darkness, Darkness. Released September 29, 2017, monolord would like to thank: Hank, Daniel Hall, Jeri Yoshizu, Trevor William Church for putting down the last lead guitar on Rust, Salome Kent for the violin on Wormland, John Gamino for the keys on Rust and At Niceae, Clio Leeuwenburgh.