malmö fyrverkerifestival 2018 tokyo bay

a famous landmark, situated in the Minato ward as a prominent structure on the skyline. In 1964 it was the center of the summer Olympics, and during the occupation in 1945 it housed the US military barracks. Harajuku is a district in the Shibuya Ward, known for the Harajuku railway station in historical western style, and the Takeshita Street, a narrow pedestrian street with young people. It is the principal theater for the kabuki drama form. Shinagawa buss västerås stockholm tidtabell is a ward south of the central city, adjancent to Tokyo Bay. Japans three largest banks are headquartered here. The area is know for its many nightclubs, concerts, restaurants, bars and other forms of entertainment. This is where we departed. Outside the borders of Tokyos 23 wards, there are suburbs as large as one million inhabitants with their own skylines, like Chiba, Kawasaki, Sagamihara and Saitama (that was merged from several smaller towns).

7 Eleven is one of the few places with ATM for international cards, but they can be found everywhere. Kabuki-za Theatre is one of the few historical looking buildings in oriental style in Ginza. Tokyo is known for its subway, consisting of a huge network of stations and lines. A remarkable behavior is that passengers that stand up dont stand face to face with each other, and it is forbidden to talk on the cellphone. We made a daytrip to Yokohama, the second largest city in Japan, that also has the largest port. Opposite the station is Shinagawa Prince Hotel, where we stayed after our trip to Nikko. Narita Airport is the largest airport in Japan and the most international one in Tokyo. We felt safe at all times, except in the Kabukicho area in Shinjuku. It is forbidden to smoke at most places, even outdoors on pavements you will find the no smoking sign. It is a 272m tall skyscraper with a clock tower and spire, built in 2000, that is extending the Shinjuku skyline and can be seen from many parks. The room was on the 29th floor and offered great views of Tokyos skyline.

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