jönköping kick off vecka

it's still weird to me that Beer Pong was a legit event held by the campus. It's like everyday last week was straight drinking! 500 krona for an ugly suit). Under dagtid är det information från JU på schemat medan eftermiddagarna och kvällarna ägnas åt aktiviteter och diverse underhållning. It's pronounced basically like hyena and honestly that's the only reason I could remember it in half the random chants we'd sing throughout the week. The rest of the week had a bunch of random activities we could join in on and compete to be the best jaana jokela-boman blue team. Each school has their very own color assigned to them via overalls the students receive day 1 of Kick-off week (also, not free FYI. Everyone in the blue crew gathered for one last beer to find out which team won the most points throughout the week. Then to make it better, they set off random blue smoke and had us chant like a cult to swear into our new overalls. Självklart är alla aktiviteter frivilliga och inget tvång förekommer. You and your classmates are divided into groups led by older students, "faddrar who help you settle.

Of course, participation is voluntary and there's no coercion. Saturday had a huge festival featuring several Swedish artists- I knew of Icona Pop at least. I was getting my little soul crushed at the bottom, but it really was a solid pyramid and I think we won for most people. . You start off wearing the overalls how prisoners do- straight up, sleeves on and all. I was on the team "hajar" which is Sharks in English. The Student Union recommends you to participate as many of the questions you may have will find answers and you're sure to make many new friends. Kick Off contains of a ten days long event in the fall and a five days event in the spring.