stockholm fashion week aw 2018

look easy every season. The creativity, beauty, wearability and (sometimes, happily) outright weirdness that comes down the runway is the perfect warming shot for these otherwise chilly days. Definitely not minimalist, and definitely a refreshing moment this season. So what were the best looks at Scandinavian fashion weeks? The looks are wearable and modern, perfect for city living, leksaksmuseet i stockholm but still exciting and challenging. Not known for cohesiveness, the color palette covered the entire rainbow and the garments varied from rough leather and denim, to soft sheer fabrics and faux fur. Check out all the designers to know from. Watch all the looks from the collection. Faced with the choice of being perceived as either dull or arrogant; should we settle for anything less than deliciously elegant? Mark Kenly Domino Tan, the king of Danish took his signature highly feminine style this season and turned it on its head. Lazoschmidl, anyone want to party?

stockholm fashion week aw 2018

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Aside from a truly diverse show casting (YES thank YOU Uniforms for the Dedicated impressed us with their minimalism-meets-military vibe and beautiful details, such as oversized stitching, piping and a red carnation in each lapel. Lots of brands do a faux fur leopard coat, but few are this good; we also love that stripe of tartan across the chest for the perfect pattern clash. The shine of the leather against the warm colors of the shawl, and the impeccable tailoring of his tweed, made for an incredible blending of cultures and periods that looked all-together modern. The opening siver number was Grace Jones-meets Bianca Jagger fabulousness. While wanting to encourage the idea of respect for ones clothing, that doesnt mean you cant update your wardrobe.

Stockholm fashion week aw 2018
stockholm fashion week aw 2018

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