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8:30 am, year levels 2-3 start at 8:10 am, year levels 4-6 start at 8:40 am, year levels 7-9 start at 8:50. The students will eat lunch at the school and Fritids is open as normal. An intense but very energizing start to meet all old and new students. International moves can be accompanied by stress and anxiety, especially for the children. "All my 3 kids have been attending LIS since the age of 2 and 3 and I can definitely say it is one of the reasons for me to stay in Sweden.

The school has an open and engaging relationship with families and acts upon feedback which is much appreciated." - Parent of a preschool student. On this day we will review the school rules, schedule and get to know the teachers and students. Regular teaching will start Aug 23, timetables will be published on our website soon. An international school can function as an important bridge in both adapting children to their new environment and/or assuring a smooth transition for those who internationally relocate or move back to their home country.

iES lund

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The first day of school is August. Throughout several years at LIS we have met many truly unique and incredible teachers, who were professional and competent in their area and at the same time were building and creating really strong ties with their students and parents, and we are really grateful for. The school day ends around 13:00. LIS is however much more than just a school with top academical performance and strongly rooted human and global values, there is so much more. We hope our children will be able to enjoy LIS for a long time to come!" - Parent of grade 2 and 4 students "The curriculum and staff in LIS is one of the best you can find at the preschool level.

Safe and Orderly Environment, order, structure and safety are necessary prerequisites for learning. Time flies and it is little over a month since we started the academic year. One of the first concerns for families that are internationally oriented is their child's education. The atmosphere is genuinely cooperative and to us it is one of the main reasons why we stay in Lund. Just when you enter the school and there are so many children who open the doors for you, treat others with so much respect, offer help to each other and show open mind and kindness, you realize that is the best choice you could have. When I for the first time in many months enter a blogpost the motto of House Stark in Game of Thrones comes to mind. Learn more about, iES.

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