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Internet connection or email can continue to interact with your club as usual. What's new in this version: fixed some small bugs win32: updated ffmpeg to current snapshot version. Music, News, Discovery Sign up for the P P newsletter now. A "Members Click Here" button) and a link from m back to your club website. Yes PigeonLink have a spreadsheet you can download from the website over here which can be used to help with our results batch input tools. Nederbörd 24 h 3 dygn 10 dygn. Do I need any special software to use m?

We also have backup servers in Ireland. Why don't I just use my PC for this? No, all you require is an internet browser. Result-Assist online results management system.

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Logga in eller registrera ett nytt konto nedan! The site is also accessible from other devices with a web browsing capability for example smart phones, gaming consoles etc. När du loggat in, klicka igen på knappen "Få daglig väderprognos med epost". Aktuella observationer 0,0, detroit Lakes, Detroit Lake. Our club doesn't have email or a web site, can m help? Vind 24 h 3 dygn 10 dygn. Relativ luftfuktighet 24 h 3 dygn 10 dygn. If you do upload ring or race results at least you know you will be able to take it away in a structured format at the end of your subscription. I'm using a 10 year old computer now to view results and write this FAQ.

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