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using the forward lav when the aisles were clear of carts. Rating is available when the video has been rented. Initially, I was reading while waiting but by the time I'd finished my chapter and urgently needed to get to work, she was helping out in main cabin. It is commonly used for laundry as it is an effective stain remover. I read up a bit. They were even in the mouth of vinegar bottles with screw-on caps. Service: I was disappointed. Oldies say the presence of ants in a house means luck. That said, all the seats were incredibly comfortable and well padded and I loved the recline! Note: The info that AS status is missing from the manifests and the details on service order are from.

I was consistently one of the last to be a) served drinks b) asked what entrée I preferred c) have my tray bussed. They weren't very big and, ironically, he was large enough to require an extender! But in and around the house ants are pests. Boron is on the upper right side. I'm a relatively critical AS 75k who recently flew his first three legs.

I understand that ants play an important role in ecology, that they hasten the decomposition of food and that they make the soil friendlier timberland barnskor stockholm to plants when they bore and make holes. I am very surprised by this because the in-person response to my concerns but VX was that nobody was forcing me to fly VX and the over-the-phone response was equally fruitless. I posted as much and had the serving order explained: It was deliberate but NOT malicious. So, I cleared it myself. This may have contributed to the lavs being uniformly dirty, with debris on the floor, even right after take-off. Watch Queue, queue _count total loading. Given that VX elites receive VX elite benefits on AS metal, this is more upsetting than when I thought it was VX FAs going rogue. However, I do not fault the VX FAs for this as they were simply following procedure.