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Sustainability Centre. If compared to the period 18611890, the annual increase in temperature.8. 3 4 The Fyrisvellir plains along the river south of Old Uppsala, in the area where the modern city is situated today, was the site of the Battle of Fyrisvellir in the 980s. Archbishop of the, church storstädning lägenhet stockholm of Sweden. Among many achievements, the, celsius scale for temperature was invented there. Between January 1814 and January 1987, Uppsala experienced 23 months that were colder than 10 C (14 F). There are few remains, with the exception of several huge burial mounds of pre-Christian monarchs and the previous cathedral from 1164.D., traditionally said to be built over the old heathen temple (and recent archaeological investigations seems to support this notion). The only month that didnt get warmer is June, which got.3 C colder.

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Most of the historical sights and university buildings are in the western part, with a medieval street layout, river views and parks and dominated by the cathedral. Ärna Airport north of Uppsala is a military airport. In January 2018, Alexandra Hagen takes over the role as CEO of White Arkitekter after Monica von Schmalensee.

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It also houses a perfectly preserved 17th-century anatomical theatre (used in its time for public dissections). Our realisation of the building will make the eco-technological solutions a natural and reinforcing component of the architectural expression we are aiming for, without detracting from the original design concept. Adress, bangårdsgatan 4A 753 20 Uppsala Öppettider, vardagar.00.00. Its construction was initiated in 1549 by King Gustav Vasa, founder of the Vasa royal dynasty. The project aims to develop Uppsala, a leading sports town in Sweden. Alexandra johns busser bornholm københavn Hagen new CEO of White Arkitekter. Main article: History of Uppsala Map of Uppsala from 1770 Uppsala in the 18th century Uppsala was originally located a few kilometres north of its current location at a place now known as Gamla Uppsala ( Old Uppsala ). Helger och röda dagar har vi stängt. Facing the west end of the cathedral is the Gustavianum, built in 1625 to be the main building of the University, and served as such through most of the 19th century. (December 2014) Economy edit Today Uppsala is well established in medical research and recognised for its leading position in biotechnology.

After being played indoors in Stockholm, from 2018 it is again played in Uppsala. Utopia Arkitekter, for more of the project continue below: Townscape and architecture, our work on Juvelen has taken as its starting point the interaction between a unique idea strongly stated, very exacting environmental objectives and a bid to create an aesthetically appealing application of the. The triangular patterning of the façades is extended into the glazing of the bottom storey, which, with its generous headroom and wooden ceiling, makes the building feel light and airy, readily accessible and inviting. Historical and cultural treasures were also lost, as in many Swedish cities, from demolitions during the 1960s and 1970s, but many historic buildings remain, especially in the western part of the city. Juvelen Jewel is designed to feature a travel center, fitness center, a restaurant on the lower level, as well as offices on the levels above. The Municipal Sustainability Centre will be housed in the east corner of the building. You can help by adding.

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