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Sweden was Betty Pettersson (18381885 who had already worked as a private tutor for several years when she took "studentexamen" in 1871. 25 The late Jan Stenbeck, a Nordic media mogul who controlled Modern Times Group, was also an alumnus of Uppsala University. As of 2003, the hospital had 7,719 employees and as of 2004 1,079 places for patients. The system of dividing students into nations according to origin can ultimately be traced back to the nations at the medieval University of Paris and other early medieval universities, but the Uppsala nations appear only about 16301640, most likely under influence of the Landsmannschaften which. However they were obliged to take up membership in the Pharmaceutical Association of Uppsala Students, an organisation having the same role as the nations and the student union at the rest of the university. The compulsory membership in a student union was abolished ; however, the unions will still be the representing organisations in the university boards and committees. Uppsala University also hosts the Forum for South Asia Studies, a collaborative academic effort by its six faculties: Theology, Law, History and Philosophy, Social Sciences, Languages, and Educational Sciences. University of Uppsala Botanical Garden University Park and Cathedral area Gustavianum The Old Consistory building The University Hall The Ekerman House The Dean's House (or Julinsköld Palace) Skytteanum The Oxenstierna House (Juridicum Faculty of Law) Regnellianum Carolina Rediviva West of Central Uppsala English Park Campus . A common view was that the female sensitivity and compassion would make women capable of working as physicians, but their right to work was still restricted to private practice. 18th century: Enlightenment and mercantilism edit The early part of the 18th century was still characterized by the combination of Lutheran orthodoxy and classical philology of the previous century, but eventually a larger emphasis on sciences and practically useful knowledge developed. The students at the faculty of Pharmacy were also exempt from the compulsory membership in the nations, but most pharmacy-students belonged to one.

Another scientist from this era is Emanuel Swedenborg (16881772 better remembered today as a religious mystic. Jöns Jakob Berzelius, one of the fathers of modern chemistry, received his doctorate in medicine in Uppsala in 1804, but later moved to Stockholm. See also edit Notes and references edit "Uppsala University - Academic symbols". Students are expected to arrange their own living accommodations on the private market.

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Instrumental in the bor i alexandria reforms of the early 17th-century Swedish state was the long-dominant Chancellor Axel Oxenstierna, who had spent his own student days in German universities and who for the last years before his death was also chancellor of the university. Although rowing never got the strong position it has at the English universities, an annual Uppsala-Lund regatta has been arranged since 1992, between rowing teams from Uppsala and Lund University. It required a much larger class of civil servants and educators than before. 22 For over ten years, it has been ranked among the 80 best universities in the world the Academic Ranking of World Universities. 5, it ranks among the world's 100 best universities in several high-profile international rankings. Retrieved July 2012 proton therapy news from May 2011, at The National Association for Proton Therapy "Student housing shortage worse than ever". Swedish students generally travelled to one of the Protestant universities in Germany, especially Wittenberg. She studied modern European languages and was the first woman in Sweden to complete an academic degree when she finished a fil. The surviving "exercises" include: Fencing Arranged in collaboration with Upsala Fäktning, a private fencing club. The nations were originally seen as subversive organisations promoting less virtuous aspects of student life, but in 1663 the consistory made membership in a nation legal, each nation being placed under the inspectorship of a professor. He planted the first botanical garden, the one which would eventually be tended by Carl Linnaeus and is kept today as a museum of 18th century botany under the name Linnaeus' Garden. In honour of Ericson, the FöreningsSparbanken endowed the Eric Ericson Chair in Choral Directing, and the Uppsala University Choral Centre was inaugurated in 2000.