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independently are solutions/oriented and take initiatives see challenges as opportunities for development. The programme is offered to certified dentists, with a minimum of two years of clinical postnr i östra Helsingfors, finland experience, who seek to improve their competence in theoretical knowledge and clinical skills in periodontology. The programme gives students extensive knowledge and skills in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases and conditions of the supporting and surrounding tissues of the teeth and implants. There is also a specific dental care grant (STB) of 600 kr per half year. ) 35-44 years 1987 2) 35-44 years After that the first benefit will be replaced by a new one. You may refrain from using it one year to use it another year, together with the new yearly benefit or at different occasions. Four-year master's programme with advanced clinical training. Your cost will be only 39393 kr and Försäkringskassan (Swedish Social Insurance Agency) will cover the rest. Faculty, students treat several selected patients under the close guidance and supervision of experienced periodontists and academic staff.

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With reservation for any errors in the price list. 1990;18:55 2) Guile, Al-Shammary. (Riyadh 3) Dental visit patterns and periodontal treatment needs among Saudi students. A certificate documenting advanced clinical training in periodontology. However, you cannot save more than two benefits. (Jeddah and Mecca) Last updated by Samuel Wahlström. Learning outcomes of a clinical, theoretical, pedagogical, and scientific nature are assessed throughout the programme. Complete periodontal check-up, made by dental hygienist 926 Disease prevention Information or instruction when risk of mouth related diseases or problems 518 Prophylaxis braces, per brace 880 Fluorine treatment, shorter treatment period 184 Disease treating Disease treating procedure, less extensive 460 Disease treating procedure 857.

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malmö periosontist

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