diablo 2 legosoldat attack speed

which spells, attacks, hit recovery and other animations become a frame faster or slower. Set Sharkskin Gloves: Magnus' Skin (20). Act 3 mercenaries do not block even though they are capable of using a shield.

EBotd GPA gets 5fpa.
WB:U need 110ias from on the Phaseblade for 4fpa attack without ias on Equip.
Thats 4xShael, 2xias/add jewels or simply.
Unfortunately, the default attack speed for Werewolf seems to be less than that for the normal Druid.
In werewolf form my druid seemed to attack a lot slower than in human form with a club, so I thought maybe the attack speed of werewolfs didn't depend on the equipped weapon.

I remember my druid was running around with a 2 hand maul just because I liked. This can result in very fast movements looking choppy. Increased Blocking Speed edit, more commonly called "fast block this modifier helps characters block more frequently. Character Skill / Form Casting Frames Amazon all Assassin all Barbarian all Druid Human Bear form Wolf form Necromancer Human Vampire Paladin all Sorceress Lightning / Chain Lightning other spells Merc Act 3 all Character Skill / Form Casting Frames Faster Hit Recovery edit The. For instance, if a character's basic attack with a given weapon requires 12 frames for the full animation (showing the arm swinging, the weapon descending, the hit landing, and then the weapon being lifted back to the ready pose and your character has that attack. Players call the amounts of improvement necessary to cause a change "breakpoints.". Set Bramble Mitts: Laying of Hands (20). Breakpoints for IAS depend on too many variables (item, skill, character, equipment) to be put in simple tables. Edit, since Diablo II runs with 2D graphics, at 25 frames per second, events can only occur at discrete numbers of frames.