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persons be treated? Of Molecular Biology with a few different TB projects aiming at developing new, smart treatment and diagnostics for TB using molecular biology. There are also attenuated TB strains and model organisms (growing faster) that can be used in BSL-2 and BSL-1. Two daughter companies, AlphaHelix Technologies and Techtum Lab, are developing instruments and concepts based on these patents. If the treatment is interrupted, the persistent bacteria may start to grow again. Chemistry, Umeå and Drs. Therefore, TB research has been a cold topic during the molecular biology boom in th late 20th century. In the fall of 2015, WHO declared that TB passed aids as the microorganism causing highest number of deaths worldwide. Phn:, e-mail: Personal, mattias Molin. Latent TB can be reactivated and HIV can develop to aids.

Since 1975 Techtum has provided laboratories working with DNA, RNA and proteins with innovative instruments and consumables. Higher specificity and faster cycling leads to better yeild for single-cell applications as well as other applications that currently are evaluated. The point-of-care market with small free standing instruments and rapid direct tests is another area suitable for SuperConvection technology. E: Shiva Esfahani, stockholm, försäljning, phn: 46 (0), direct: 46 (0), e: Ulrica Karlsson. After the postdoc I returned to Sweden and started my own research group at dept. It is supported by a Sweden-India vinova/VR grant, by the Kempe foundation and by the Clas Groschinsky foundation. The treatment, diagnostics and vaccine used today is basically the same as in the 1950's.

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