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NYC art scene, where he also rubbed shoulders with Keith Haring and other top artists of the time. Well, the bony international model-turned-actress hired Lundgren as her bodyguard, which led to the two becoming an item. I went up for a big "Cattle Call" (an audition where thousands of actors appear at, hoping to be remembered I was turned down for the part only being told that I was too tall, the script only requiring someone six foot three, and. Re test all techniques, and there is a 50 man kumite (Fighting so you have to be in really great shape, not just movie shape It's not just looking good.

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He hung out with Andy Warhol. He is very skilled of course, at what he does. And that in turn led to him getting his big break in "Rocky IV" and his big breakup with Jones, who couldn't handle suddenly being the second biggest star in their relationship. We had some portable gyms on the set. I started a club at Sydney University, which still exists today. Dolph Lundgren, actor Kyokushin Warrior by Silvio Morelli, Blitz (Australasian Martial Arts Magazine), Vol. It as a "fighting" movie, it was a "Rocky" movie, everything that I wanted to be a part. Your perception of the martial arts and where are the martial arts heading? No not really,.