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Cabanossy Grill, Franks gatukök, Honeycomb, La Belle sci fi Messe helsingborg Parfymeri, Le Croissant, Life, Lilla London, Lindex, NFC Fried Chicken. Här ligger även bussterminalen. Lorraine Ramos, june 4, 2017, no charging stations, but plenty of things to keep you occupied- shops, food, people very friendly and will help you find your way around. Retrieved August 25, 2012. "Avspärrning av Göteborgs centralstation släppt". Beställ ledsagning när resan bokas, men senast 24 timmar före första ledsagning. "Delar av Centralen utrymdes". The station is situated in the city of Gothenburg, right by Drottningtorget.

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The opening hours for Kompasshallen: Monday to Friday.30-00.30, Saturdays:.00-00.30, Sundays:.30-00.30 The opening hours for Centralhuset: Monday to Friday.00-01.00, Saturdays:.00-01.00, Sundays:.30-01.00 The opening hours for Nils Ericson Terminalen: Monday to Thursday:.10-01.00, Friday to Saturday:.10-04.10, Sundays:.10-01.00 Maintenance edit. The conference section is supplied with modern equipment and admits 4-50 persons. If you're smart and only staying overnight bring only what you need with you and store the rest instead of lugging to hotel and back. 3, in February 2007, a bomb threat was addressed to the Gothenburg police. Id2056 Archived August 17, 2010, at the Wayback Machine. The current interior design is similar to the 1923 model with wood pillars, glass ceiling and a floor made of limestone. Trains depart and arrive from five different railway lines: To the north on the. One of the first distances was the one between Gothenburg and Jonsered. 3, contents, history edit, the western entrance, numerous railways were built across Sweden in the 19th century.

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