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edit Lindroth, Sten. Of the professors, several were taken over from the Collegium Regium in Stockholm, which had been functioning for a few years but closed in 1593. Most Swedish clergymen, including most bishops and archbishops, have been educated at the university, including, in more recent times, Nathan Söderblom (18661931 Professor of the History of Religions in the Faculty of Theology, later Archbishop of Uppsala, and awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1930. Additional grounds adjacent to the baroque garden has since been added. Email address, state the characters below (case sensitive * Mandatory fields, other key university contacts, university Management. However they were obliged to take up membership in the Pharmaceutical Association of Uppsala Students, an organisation having the same role as the nations and the student union at the rest of the university. Uppsala University appears as a research centre in the strategy game Empire: Total War. Student life edit Nations and student union edit Up until June 2010 students at Uppsala University were obliged to become members of one of the nations, corporations of students traditionally according to province of origin (not strictly upheld now, for practical reasons). Uppsala, Sweden, and is the oldest university in Sweden and all of the, nordic countries still in operation, founded in 1477.

ekonomikum uppsala adress

Uppsala, sweden Tel: 46 (0) (exchange) E-mail address : [email protected] ekonomikum, visiting address : Kyrkogårdsgatan.
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Women's rights to higher education was extended in 1873, when all degrees except those in the faculties of theology and the licentiate degree in Law were made accessible for women. 25 The late Jan Stenbeck, a Nordic media mogul who controlled Modern Times Group, was also an alumnus of Uppsala University.

Send us a question or comment. This has however never been a separate institution, but only a unit within the Faculty of Science and Technology and use of the term has been phased out after the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences was renamed the Faculty of Sciences and Technology. As was also the case with most medieval universities, Uppsala had initially been chartered through a papal bull. 17th century: Expansion edit The medieval university had mainly been a school for theology. Procurement, ongoing procurements (in Swedish procurement and Purchase Office, website. The first woman in Sweden to complete a doctoral degree was Ellen Fries (18551900 who entered Uppsala university in 1877 and became a PhD in history in 1883. These range from Chancellor of the Realm ( rikskansler ) Johan Oxenstierna (16111657) and Lord Chief Justice ( riksdrots ) Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie (16221686) to the first Social Democratic Prime Minister of Sweden, Hjalmar Branting (18601925). After the Scanian provinces were taken from Denmark, Lund University was founded in 1666. The university hospital is actually older than the university, as it goes back to the earliest hospital, founded in Uppsala in 1302, much later merged with the university clinic. Telephone:, open weekdays 08:0016:00, postal address: Uppsala. When large parts of Uppsala burned down in 1702, Gustavianum, which contained the university library and its many valuable manuscripts, escaped the fire; local lore has it that the aging Rudbeck stood on the roof directing the work of fighting the fire.

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